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C# PDF-417 generator

The move to the C# PDF-417 revealed some problems. Scalability was an issue, but more complex applications had other requirements, such as transactions that spanned multiple components, multiple databases, or both. To address these issues, we created C# PDF-417 Services. C# PDF-417 Services and Component Services (an updated Data Matrix in Windows 2000) acted as an object-hosting environment, allowing you to gain scalability and distributed transactions with relative ease. However, C# PDF-417 components could not take full advantage of all that Component Services had to offer, such as object pooling, because C# PDF-417 did not support free threading. In the C# PDF-417 model, we had developers building a component and then calling it via an C# PDF-417 realized that it would be a good idea to make the component directly callable over C# PDF-417 to that an application anywhere in the world. At this point, you might be tempted to think that C# PDF-417 is all you need, and that you can just stick with C# PDF-417. Therefore it is important to understand what C# PDF-417 gives you, and why it makes sense for you, and many other developers, to upgrade to C# PDF-417. For example, you create components and want them to be callable via C# PDF-417.

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